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You will need to make quite a few decisions as a webmaster. These decisions are all going to have a direct effect on how much your business succeeds in the long run. Hosting is certainly a very important consideration for any business, and if you seriously want to make a well-researched decision, you will need to look at all of the advantages and disadvantages associated with having a dedicated server. In terms of disadvantages, the only real problem is it is more expensive as compared to shared hosting. But do its advantages outweigh its disadvantages? It isn’t necessary that it will be beneficial for every business. This decision will depend on the specifications of your project. If you don’t have any budgeting issues, then it is always better to go with a dedicated server since you will not have to deal with the inconvenience of constantly changing your hosting plan once your website starts getting more traffic. But this isn’t the only thing which you should look at. Apart from the various other advantages of going with dedicated hosting, you should also look at the SEO aspect of things. The first thing here is that SEO does not have any direct benefits from direct server hosting. Search engine spiders will not be interested in knowing if your site is being hosted on a dedicated server. There are no penalties or boosts based on your hosting. You will not have to worry about having any spammy sites for neighbours.

One of the biggest problems with shared hosting is the same IP will be hosting various websites. But even if you are opting for a legitimate approach to SEO services, not everyone that is part of your server is going to be playing fair. Some webmasters may just be looking for the quickest way to success. Out of the thousands of websites which are hosted on one server, one of them may just end up being a problem for your website. In such situations, you may be doing everything right and still suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Poor page load speeds are another problem which you may be forced to deal with. Even though Google’s algorithm is changing on a regular basis, there are certain search engines which consider page load times too. When people search for keywords on these search engines, the websites with the fastest load times are usually displayed first. There are multiple other factors which you need to consider to improve your rankings. But having a competitive edge is always a good thing wouldn’t you say? The most important benefit of a dedicated server is that you will be in complete control of the server and the software being used. So do these advantages outweigh the additional cost? If you have a decent budget, then it does. If you are targeting competitive terms, going dedicated makes a lot of sense. Having a dedicated server will certainly prove to be worth its weight in gold in the long run.

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