Various Aspects Of ON Page & OFF Page SEO Terms


Search engine optimisation is the process which helps in affecting the ranking of the website or webpage in a search engine. SEO company Kingston is a repeatable and measurable process used to send information about the web page or website. It is used to get your website placed at the top of the search engine. In SEO we use many methods and techniques for improving the ranking of the website. SEO have two methods ON page SEO and off page SEO. Both help differently to rank the websites. But both are effective. In both methods, different techniques are there. On page, SEO means to make the changes to the website. It can be done using many techniques; some of them are as follows. It is one of the most important SEO factors for the website. Because description is required in doing SEO and without the title keyword, it cannot be written. It is the important place to write the specific keyword content. One must use search engine friendly URL for better crawling of the website. As relevant URls helps in better performance and quicker results on search engine. The keywords should not repeatedly be used in the content. Repetition and overusing of keywords may lead to keyword stuffing. If tags are used in the description, then they should be used in the order. Like H1 -H2 -H3-H4-H5.

Off page, SEO means using the different website to get the traffic on your website. Some of the techniques used in off page are as follows. Social networking sites to market advertise and build an online reputation for a website social networking sites plays the major role. Blogging is one of the finest methods to help the website crawl easily in the search engine. The content of the blog should be unique and informative so that maximum visitors visit the website. You can find forums online related to your website. You can reply to the threads and give answers to the questions so that more people would come to know about your website. One can do search engine submission to rank the website on top of search engine. Nowadays many people don’t do directory submission for their website because unpaid or free submission takes two to three months for submissions. But they can be helpful in a long run. Social bookmarking is one of the popular ways of promoting the website. One can post a blog, pictures and slides and can post it on bookmarking sites. These were some techniques; one can use in on page and off page SEO. These techniques are helpful to promote the website online.

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