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It might not be true entirely, but a great business is indeed built on strong relationships. It is believed that repeated customers and growth emerge from great services. The clients will be coming back not because we are continuously pitching them but based on the true partnership that yields excellent results. Many clients have chosen services from our Stealth Calgary business over others for many years now. We understand that the investment you make here is significant, and that is the reason we do our work very seriously. Our primary focus is to provide the best web design solutions to our clients. We deliver innovative and customised website design and development solutions in calgary, with the main focus on handcrafted and user-friendliness in the solutions. Our calgary team comprises professional and experienced web designers and developers who regularly sharpen their skills and help deliver the most significant technologies to our clients.

Creative Web Development

We are currently working with startups, small enterprises, and large professionals at the same time and have been doing it for so many years now. We help them achieve reliable and professional website designs that are SEO friendly too. Several companies have benefited a lot by gaining a competitive edge in their respective industry. Along with our home in calgary we are becoming popular in other countries as well by making a global presence all across the world. We ensure that you will get an unbeaten level of individual attention and customer support. Just try our services once, you will know.

Technology is the key to stand out. People need something different every day, and if you fail to do it, you will be out of the business soon. Through our services, you will get to taste the real taste of technology. We cover a wide range of companies and value them. The relations we have built with our clients are indeed unmatchable. You will not find such kind of coordination and elsewhere. The solutions we provide here have a taste of creativity in them. We work fearlessly towards the goals you are striving to achieve. Here, our team of experts loves to take challenges and explore new ways of delivering results. We work for you to handcraft winning web solutions, and of course, your needs are our core focus. Successful web design will be delivered to you for sure as we excel at listening and acting to our client’s needs. Our team at calgary web design has the required knowledge, passion, and experience needed to get this particular job done. We are here to deliver you a wide range of website design and development services.

We create web design with meaning. A great web design carries the ability to speak to your head and heart. It makes your audience think differently and feel differently. It also makes you remember and respond simultaneously, which is exactly what you want your audience to do. Hence, it is the thing that we mainly aim to convert the insights into ideas so as to design those dots. We are here to craft things with sensitivity, precision, and intelligence. The things we aim for are not possible without your feedback, support, and collaboration. One cannot afford to achieve them in isolation. So we work with our clients by keeping a global outlook. We learn. We share. As a result, we gain a practical, intelligent web design that gives a lasting impression.

Offering Services To Wide Range of Industries

For many years, we have been designing thousands of websites for many of our clients in various industries. These industries belong to different genres and categories. We also had the opportunity to work with some great clients in calgary. The kind of industries we have worked with are mentioned below. They include architecture, business, beauty, blog, cannabis, catering, consulting, construction, dentist calgary, directory, eCommerce, education, entertainment, finance, fitness, autobody calgary, healthcare, HVAC, law, manufacturing, medical, membership, not-for-profit, pest control, profit management, real estate, resorts, business insurance calgary, restaurants, security, social media, travel and many more.

Why should you choose SEOBIT?

We are a passionate and experienced team of professionals to provide website development calgary services. The services we provide are in-house, yes we don’t believe in outsourcing our services as we have a team of professionals right with us.  We work hard day and night to meet your business requirements.

Our Work Experience

We are experts in giving you genuine and inventive web designs, search engine optimization solutions, website redesigning, and customization services.

Our Priority - Our Client

Our main priority has always been our clients only. We go out of the way to search for innovative ways to help them in the best possible manner. We have been successful in maintaining a strong client record. You can check on this.

Strong Client Record

Moreover, our responsibility doesn’t end at delivering you the website; we are here for you afterward as well to support you. We are quite experienced in our field, so one thing is assured that you will get the best web design and development experience, which you won’t get anywhere else.


  • We offer custom website design services for small and big businesses.
    • Website from Scratch
    • Custom WordPress CMS
    • UX | UI
    • Mobile Responsive Design
    • Social Media Integration
    • Mailing List Plugin
    • Social Sharing
    • Google Analytic Installation
    • Google Maps
    • 404 Redirect


Here are some of our most frequently answered Web Design questions and answers.

Do you think a new website can really play a role in our growth?

Yes, of course. Everyone, including small businesses, should have a website as they are inexpensive and effective at the same time. The majority of business purchase decisions start with a search engine search. People like to search for everything about you before buying anything. A website plays a significant role in your online growth as it represents your brand identity, makes you look professional, and provides your customers the vital information.

How long will it take for my web project to be completed?

The client usually decides the general timescale of a website. In case you have a specific deadline in your mind, we would try to complete it in the given time-frame. Most of the delays that occur in completing and creating a website are due to delay in content from the client’s side. Generally, a web project gets completed in a 4-6 week time-frame. Moreover, every project has unique demands. So, the time-frame also differs.

How much does it cost to build a website?

You would find websites as a fixed bid project. The cost structure of a website is based upon many factors such as the complexity of function, package selected, the size of the website, and the need for marketing support such as copywriting, social media integration, and search engine optimization. Pricing is done based on your specific needs as every project is unique.

What factors determine the cost to build a website?

It is mainly based on two factors. They are volume and customization. Volume means the number of pages on your website whereas customization means custom content, images, and graphics, design, programming. You can customize your website to any extent you want. It just increases the cost of your project.

How does the web development process work?

Building a website is just like building a house. There are well-defined and multiple steps for it. A website development project starts with the discovery of the media and assets you currently have and what would you need in the future. Next, you make a design of the website, how will it actually appear, what will be its basic layout and blueprint. The development and launch process comes after this.

What is WordPress?

Just like a desktop uses the window and iPhone uses iOS as its operating system, the same goes for the WordPress and website. WordPress is a platform that is used exclusively for making websites. You would find a million websites using it across the world. WordPress is also widely used for creating blogs. It runs best on a Linux server with PHP 5 capabilities.

What exactly is a CMS (content management system)?

The best part about a Content Management System is that you can operate it without any high-level technical training. A CMS basically helps you to add, remove, or update the contents of your website. WordPress is the most popular example of a CMS. It is a software application that uses a database to manage all the content.

Is there an objective way to determine if I need a website redesign?

There are some reasons you can consider to decide on this question. You must do a website revamp in case your site gets broken and it becomes too hard to manage. In case, your leads and sales have decreased due to outdated design, content, or poor user experience, you must consider resigning your website.

Why is it so important to have a good website?

You need to have a modern and professional website if you want your colleagues and prospective clients to take you seriously. Good website design helps in building up trust and credibility in your business. You also need to have an impressive website if you want to use any type of digital marketing or advertising to promote your business online.

What exactly does responsive web design mean?

Responsive web design is the one that automatically responds to the size of the device it is being viewed on. It should have the required adaptability to be able to view on any kind of device, be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. You must be able to read the contents of the site and able to navigate it without any hassle on every device.

Why do I need a mobile responsive website?

A website that does not work on a mobile phone gives a perception that you are behind time and you have a design that is outdated. Most of the people tend to do all the online work on their mobile phones now rather than on desktops. So it has become mandatory to have a mobile responsive website design. People expect a website to have such a design.

What if I don’t have photos for my website?

You need to have pictures for your website in case you haven’t put them on till now. Your website absolutely needs them. You can get them in various ways. You can either buy high-quality, royalty-free pictures online or you can take them by yourself with the help of your smartphone. You can even hire a professional if you have that kind of budget.

Will my website have technology that will last for several years?

Nowadays, the technology that is being used is WordPress. It is used for all the website designing work. And it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. So you are not going to get technologically outdated until and unless some unexpected technology comes out of nowhere and takes the world by storm. And this scenario is highly unlikely to occur.

What exactly is website hosting?

A website needs to be hosted on a web server in order to be live on the internet. It is just similar to having land for the house. The same way a website needs to have a web server to be there on the internet. It allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Do you offer hosting services?

Yes, we do provide hosting services. We are a one stop shop provisioning all kinds of web services along with hosting. If you have any kind of problem, you need not wonder whom to call. We are here to solve them. We will register your domain name as well do all the designing work for you.

What's the difference between website hosting and domain registration?

Website hosting means having a website on the internet like a house on a piece of land while domain registration means registering your website domain name with an authorized domain registrar just like the registry of a vehicle with the Secretary of the state. You will find any domain registrars online. It allows individuals and organizations to run their website in an authorized manner.

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance involves all the technical processes you have to perform to keep your website going on for the longest period of time. You need to check your website on a regular basis for issues and mistakes and keep it updated and relevant. It must be done consistently to encourage continued traffic growth, to strengthen your SEO, and to keep your website healthy.

What services do you provide in addition to web design?

Our work does not end at the launch of a website. We give our full support to a website we design. Our services are always available whenever you face any problem or require any kind of enhancements. We offer web hosting, web maintenance, domain registration, SEO and marketing, and graphic design and print. We have got it all covered for you.

How do I update and manage my website after it launches?

After the website launch, you can update and manage it in two ways. Either you can do it all by yourself or you can hire someone. Go with the first option if you are tech-savvy and can update, manage new content yourself. You would find tons of WordPress tutorials and how-to videos online. But in case you can’t do it on your own, you can hire professionals to do it for you.

Will my website design be search engine friendly?

The websites are created with search engines in mind and your website design will also be compliant with search engine guidelines. So get your website re-evaluated with time as search engines tend to alter their rules and algorithms. It should be done to keep your website design updated according to the current rules. You must use the SEO services to be prevalent on the search engines.

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